Owner Chef   Naoki Yokoe

・born in 1972 Aichi prefecture

・while studyingto be an industrial designer, he stopped by a book store, picked up a cooking book. Triggered by the book, decides to be a chef.

・started working at a French restaurant

・interested in Italian food, decides to fly to Italy

・stydied at several restaurants in Italy, including "Sadler" in Milan.

・worked as the chef at Ristorante RIBO in Venice

・returned to Japan, worked at several restaurants in Tokyo.

・worked as the chef at Risorante Verso l'alto in Azabudai.

・worked as the chef at Ristorante La Loggia in Shiodome.

・worked as the chef at La VERONICA in Roppongi Icchoume.

・opened the restaurant L'appartamento di NAOKI in AZBUJYUABAN!